Bring us the girl...
... and wipe away the debt



John Mulaney | The Salt & Pepper Diner


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skyrim + these fucking flowers

“Come at once. Help me. Save me. I need you as I have never needed you before. I love you, I love you, I love you. Come at once.” — Jaime & Cersei


Garden Oasis - The Cat House by Trillium Enterprises, INC.

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He took a drink of my lemonade and then got mad because it was sour. Took it out on me!

Autistic!Merrill getting teased by the companions because her movements are so deliberate and controlled off the battlefield

(but that’s because no rock or table or wall corner ever surprises her on the battlefield, no cup or book or staff slips out of her hands unwittingly)


"He just found it."


"He just found it."

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And there’s something almost comforting in that

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Prompt by Reflectionoftheeluvian: One of them is autistic, the other isn’t


He knew something was… off about her a few days after he recovered from entering her world.

He’d notice her fiddling with her hands, shaking them in a strange way, when he asked her about this she replied that it’s something she does.

She’d cut interviews and questions short, citing a headache and head straight home. Once there she’d go quickly to her (their) bedroom and stay a while before coming out and acting like nothing happened.

Another incident occurred when he was wandering around the house. He heard her talking, but to who? He peeked around the corner to their living room and saw that she wasn’t speaking to anyone.

She had her head down (using her hands to hold it up, it seemed) and was reciting a part of a physics textbook to herself.


She jumped up when she heard his voice “Robert! I didn’t know you where there…” She said as she fixed a stray hair.

"What is going on? You’ve been acting weird since you got home from your meeting" Weirder then usual he added in his thoughts.

"It’s nothing" She replied quickly "I was just…it was different from what I thought it would be, there where a lot of people there this time and I wasn’t prepared for it" She wasn’t giving him eye contact. She seems to have trouble with that He thought.

"Rosalind" She wouldn’t look at him "Rosalind, you don’t like crowds or lots of noises, I get that but…" He trailed off. He didn’t want to hurt her feelings or anything.

"But what?"

"Why are you so… you don’t act like anyone else" He said "You never seem to get jokes, you insist on sleeping in a heavy blanket even when it’s warm out, you constantly play with whatever is in your hand, and now I find you talking to yourself!"


He stared at her, waiting for her reply.

"I don’t know" She whispered as she walked away from him.

"Pardon? I didn’t hear that?"

"I said I don’t know!" She snapped at him and ran towards the bedroom.

Robert sat down on the couch and sighed. “I’ll never understand you” He mumbled.


Stop apologizing for the things you enjoy eating.

Stop apologizing for the things you enjoy wearing.

Stop apologizing for how you prefer to spend your day.

Stop apologizing for the things that make you happy.

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to any of my followers that find me intimidating:

  • I’m more scared of you than you are of me. 
The Rains of Castamere | Sigur Rós

Sigur Rós cover The Rains of Castamere for Season 4 of HBO’s Game Of Thrones

And so he spoke, and so he spoke,
that Lord of Castamere,
But now the rains weep o’er his hall,
with no one there to hear.
Yes now the rains weep o’er his hall,
and not a soul to hear.

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